RasPi Magazine – Issue 30, 2017


The Raspberry Pi was a revolutionary piece of kit – clever, hackable, great value – but not content with that, Eben Upton and the rest of the crew decided they could do even better. Released in November 2015, the even-smaller-than-pocketsized Pi Zero packs in 512MB RAM, a 32-bit ARMv6 chip, and a low price of just $5. Amazing! But what’s even more amazing is what you can do with it. This issue, we’ll show you how to set up the Pi Zero to get the most from it, and then dive into a project that lets you use the diminutive SBC as part of your very own wearable! Plus, learn how to combine multiple Pis into a cluster (who said supercomputing was just for supercomputers?) and much more. Enjoy!

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